Same Sex Dance Competitions

From England, Kimberley became the United States International Latin Champion (twice), British Professional Rising Star Champion, 5th in the World Championships and 3 times Ohio Star Ball Champion. A sanctioned adjudicator for NASSPDA, Kimberley has returned to the United States to coach throughout the country.

Andrew is an experienced DanceSport competitor, emcee, coach, and competition owner. A sanctioned adjudicator for NASSPDA, Andrew's passion is creating opportunities for dancers to reach their maximum impact on and off the dance floor.

Our philosophy is simple:  Dancing is an art!  No matter if you are by yourself, with a partner, or a group of performers - we all dance because we LOVE what we do and how it makes us feel. 

Kimberley Mitchell and Andrew Pueschel 
Co-Organizers and NASSPDA members

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Glitz and Glitter Ball


There is nothing like a ballroom dance competition!  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned dancer, the excitement, the feeling, and the passion that comes from your body as you move around the floor  . . . well its addicting!  The Glitz and Glitter Ball Same Sex Dance Competition Events have been created with your "dance addiction in mind"!